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       The gift of the arts has always been a part of Lance Boston’s Life. As a composer arranger, educator, and multi-Instrumentalist from the state of Louisiana, Lance Boston enjoys sharing his musical gift with others. Lance Boston has performed and captivated many different audiences throughout the United States, through the musical genres of Jazz to art music classics. Lance Boston also enjoys helping people develop their confidence through music instruction and education. Lance has performed and taught instrumental lessons such as clarinet, flute, sax, piano, violin, guitar, bass, and drums. 

       Lance has also performed on the “theatrical” stage. He was an extra in the the latin Indie film “Macumba” acting the role of a gangster in the film. He has performed and acted in the NOLA Fringe Festival. Lance has also performed on the dance stage. He has competed in the “Odyssey” dance competition in Lafayette, La. Attended master classes in dance taught by world renown Ballerinas, Ballet Masters, and Contemporary dancers, and has also performed in “State of La Danse” held annually at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Lance Boston enjoys expressing himself through the arts, and education.

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