I was born in the small town of Pineville, Louisiana. Whether growing up hearing the sounds of negro spirituals every Sunday in an old wooden church in Colfax, Louisiana or simply hearing the blues on the radio. I grew up hearing the rhythmic sounds of soul music through out my child hood. Due to these life changing musical experiences, my understanding of art, specifically in music, came from simply, living life’s ups and downs. From a young age I recognized that art for me was nothing more than a tool that allows me to “Artificially” describe and replay life’s experiences. 

       I was first introduced to a musical instrument, at the age of 6 years old, by my uncle Alvin who was a successful guitarist and entrepreneur. One day I heard “Night Train” (a jazz standard) on a James Brown album featuring Grover Washington with Saxophone solo. From that day forward I wanted to play sax, but as fate had, I did not play saxophone until years later. The first wind instrument I learned to play was the clarinet and fell in love with it. I was put through classical training from the age of 10 years old. Two years later I was introduced to the double bass and violin in orchestra class. After graduating from Pineville High Magnet Arts School in 2006. I gratuated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I studied music theory and composition, performed with the ULL Orchestra and Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds where I performed on clarinet, double bass, and flute through out my college career. I must say that apart from my studies in music school, the opportunities I’ve had performing in dance ensembles, Orchestras, Jazz Combos, Jazz bands, Wind Ensembles, and numerous ensemble has helped me to evolve into the artist that I am. 

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